We provide Services like Thermal Shock Test / Testing, Rapid Temperature Change Test from Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Test Applications
Electronics & Electrical machines & equipment's.
Electronics & Electrical Components
Process & Control Devices.
Testing of Material
Automotive Components.
Defence Module System.
Mobiles & Consumer Electronics.

Testing Scope

Rapid change between two/three temperatures (thermal shock ) in air.
Three zone( Hot, Ambient, Cold) three temperature, Programmable Auto basket transfer thermal shock test chamber
Thermal Shock Test Temperature Range : +180°C TO -70°C
- Transfer Time: < 10 Sec.
Test Specimen Details :
Max. Chamber Work Space: 550 x 550 x 250 mm (LXBXH)
Max. Specimen Weight: 20 Kg (Approx)
Testing Standard
Our Test Meet

IEC 60068-2-14ET : Test N: Change of temperature.
IEC 60746 : Semiconductor Devices - Mechanical & Climatic test methods.
IS9000-14 : Basic ET Procedure test N: Change of temperature Sec 1 To 3
JSS 55555 : Test No. 22 Rapid Temperature cycling (Thermal Shock)
MIL - STD-810G-2 : Environmental Engineering Consideration & Laboratory tests Test Method 503.5 Temperature Shock.
MIL-STD-202G : ET- Test No. 107G Thermal Shock.
MIL_E-5272 : Military Specification: Environmental Testing, Aeronautical & Associated Equipment's.
JESD22 A 106 - Thermal Shock.